Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Order of the Burning Buttocks: Kate Middleton

I award the Order of the Burning Buttocks to Kate Middleton, for her seeming inability to decant herself properly from a car without giving us an upskirt shot of moss and early morning dew. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against dewy moss, but you would have thought that given her expensive education someone would have taken the trouble to teach the girl how to sit properly without providing a peep show to nasty little pervs like, well, us.

That said, it is a good shot, isn't it? I even took the trouble to enlarge the target area for you so that you can see the pussy lips without having to squint. Just think: Prince Billy will be spreading those luscious lips on Friday. Let's hope that he gives her two: one for him and another for all of us at this blog.

Merry banter aside, Waitie Katie is a very naughty girl indeed for flaunting herself like that and we know what happens to naughty girls don't we?


Aristotle said...

So pleased to have come across these nominations for the OBB. I would endorse each one and I'm particularly delighted that both Carole and Kate have been nominated for the award. What could be better than a mother and daughter both receiving the OBB at the same time and in the same place?

Might I suggest an award for Sophie Rayworth,newsreader and T.V. presenter who has been on our screens recently reaclling past royal weddings...and will n doubt be much in evidence on the forthcoming Wedding Day itself? It would be extremely pleasing to think that she was sporting a very red and very sore bottom inside her knickers whilst STANDING (definitely not SITTING!)as she reports on Friday's wedding.

Might we also look out for other nominees amongst Friday's female wedding guests?


Uncle Nick said...

I had never heard of Sophie, but having now had a shuftie at her then definitely she gets an OBB. Legs like that... I am thinking about one for Pippa as well for being the foxy little minx of the family.

sixofthebest said...

Uncle Nick, I wish the recent portrait of Kate, the Duchess of Canterbury, would have shown her spanked bare bottom. I am sure all the critics, would have loved that one. Would you agree?,

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