Tuesday, 12 April 2011

North West Mounted Police spanking Update

Back in April last year when the blog was only a few days old I ran the spanking clip from North West Mounted Police. Now I have discovered that Cecille B. de Mille who directed the epic was a man who believed in giving his actors a hands-on vision of what he wanted them to do. Here he demonstrates to all and sundry just how he wants to see  Paulette Goddard spanked:

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Anonymous said...

I think most movie people are into spanking in one form or another. There have been too numerous to mention scenes of it in front of and behind the cameras. Actor Jack Nicholson is a known spanko. I had always thought Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were into it behind the scenes. There were about five times when Lucy got spanked on camera by Desi. You do have to wonder how many takes there were with Paulette Goddard where Cecil B. had to reiterate how she was to be spanked.

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