Saturday, 2 April 2011

Bringing a Hildabeest to Heel, Part Three

I need to point out at this juncture that I wasn't angry at Pippa, just irritated somewhat by her attitude. It was as if she seemed to think that I should jump to her tune, but since we hadn't had sex at that point I didn't feel any need to be overly enthusiastic about being answerable to her wishes. Not that I would feel all that enthusiastic after sex, either, but I would be more inclined to at least pay lip service to madam and her whims had my knob been nicely shined.

"Now look," she said, wagging her finger under my nose. "You must get me back to my college, safely."

"Sure, when I've finished my smoke, and after I have gone for a walk in the bushes."

"What? What are you talking about? 

"I need to go into the bushes to have a pee," I started to explain with all the patience that I could muster, but it was no good because madam was now waving her arms around and then turned her back on me. With a sigh I  toddled off into the undergrowth to make some American beer with a view to then taking her home.

"You are a thorough nuisance," I told her after my bladder had emptied.
"Am I? Says who" I could see to my great pleasure that Pippa's good humour had returned, so maybe the evening wasn't going to be such a waste after all.

"Says me," I told her. "Bringing me down here under false pretences for instance.

"Oooer," Pippa squealed deliciously. "What pretences were those, then?"

"You are all nice and moist, as I discovered when I touched your panties. Got me all hard and ready it did, and then you scampered away. Do you know what we call girls like that in Manchester?"

"No," she said gigglingly, but of course she did.

"We call 'em prick teasers, and do you know what we do with prick teasers in Manchester?"

Pippa now had a seriously bad fit of the giggles and like most girls in that situation she knew exactly what was coming next, but that didn't stop her shaking her head emphatically.

"We put them across our knees and smack their bare bottoms," I told her.

"If they can't manage it on their own do they get their grannies to help out?" Pippa was almost in hysterics at her sally, but that didn't stop her making a gallop for freedom to escape my grasp. I watched her scamper down the path but brought her to heel with a quick shout:

"Mind the rats - there are some juicy ones on the riverbank!"

Pippa halted dead in her tracks and holding her coat close to her body she began to look all around her on the ground. It really was that easy to reel her in and then all I had to do was walk over to her and grab an arm. Looking back I saw that we were only twenty feet or so away from the bench which would do nicely to sit upon for the matters disciplinary that were to come. I began to walk her back to that place of execution.

" Can't we talk about this?" Pippa enquired, a touch desperately I thought. "I can prove to you that I'm not a tease," she said, brightly. Who ever thought that Oxford women couldn't think fast when their bottoms were at stake?

"There is nothing to talk about," I said, trying and failing to hide my grin.  We had reached the bench an I quickly pushed Pippa's overcoat off her shoulders and grabbed it as it began to fall to the ground.

"Let's put it there shall we? I said, draping the coat over the back of the bench. Then I sat down and without saying another word I flipped Pippa's long corduroy skirt up and left it bunched at her waist.

With my left hand firmly planted in the small of Pippa's back I took a moment out to feast my eyes on the  firm rounded delight that was her bottom. As I write these words the decades fall away and in my mind's eye I can feel her weight on my thighs and the moon is shining down to illuminate her helpless buttocks, clad as they were in a black lace frothy confection that I am sure gave Pippa the illusion of total security until I peeled the garment down to leave her bottom both bare and vulnerable in the chill of that March evening so very long ago.

Pippa gasped as her knickers were lowered, and put her hand instinctively behind her, her legs moving slightly, but other than that she made no move to resist. Clearly this was a lady who had been across a man's knee before, I decided, and who knew that the way to avoid a sound spanking was not to provoke the fellow who was now going to give her a light one. With that thought in mind I raised my right hand above my head and brought it down firmly across the moonlit target below.

"I'm sorry," Pippa whispered. She didn't shout or scream or demand that I let her go. She behaved like an  essentially good girl should when she is undergoing correction and doesn't want it to leave her with a roasted rump. She apologised for her behaviour and replied on me being a decent soul.

Which dear reader I hope I am. Obviously I didn't let her go immediately, instead I spanked her soundly giving her perhaps a dozen smacks all told that left Pippa moving sensuously across my lap. She gasped each time my palm smacked her naughty bottom and about half way through the chastisement she apologised again, but other than that she made no sound. To be honest that girl was not an ounce of trouble when undergoing discipline.

With a final lingering look at the bottom that I had just spanked I let Pippa rise and she sat on my knee, brushing her long hair out of her eyes, with a look of complete embarrassment on her face. Then she looked down at the ground, so I lifted her face up to look into her eyes.

"You can rub your bottom if you want to," I told her with a smile.

"Thank you, " she said quietly, taking the opportunity to do just that.

"And are you going to be a good girl now?"

Pippa nodded. Good, I thought, as I stood her up and prepared to walk her back into the trees.

To be continued.

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