Saturday, 2 April 2011

Bringing a Hildabeest to Heel, Part Four

I wasn't expecting a struggle and Pippa didn't disappoint me on that score. She leaned against me as we walked into the trees, still with her knickers just below her buttocks. I had my right arm around her waist and her overcoat in my left hand. Believe me, I had plans for that coat...

As we got to the fence where the trouble had started earlier I placed the coat over the top of it and then gently pushed Pippa against the rail so that she would bend over it and be in position for me. I felt her body stiffen as she realised that I planned to have her there and she looked at me pleadingly.

"Do we have to do it here? Can't we go back to my set?"

"Do you want another spanking?"

Pippa shook her head by way of reply and when I pushed her again she bent over the rail, her stomach cushioned by her own overcoat. I lifted up her skirt for the second time that evening and then without ceremony I pulled her panties right down to her ankles and left them there.

Have you ever had a woman that way? There is something incredibly erotic about having her bent over, fully clothed, but with her skirt up and panties down to her ankles. She is ready to receive whatever her man chooses to give her. I licked my right middle finger and began to stroke her pussy with it, all the while undoing my trousers with my other hand. Once they were down and my cock was free I rubbed the head against her moist, gaping pussy and when I was fully hard I mounted her from the rear and began to get a good, steady rhythm going.

She did not shriek or scream, but contenting herself with low heavy moans that seemed to come from deep within her. She reached behind her like a good girl should and took hold of my balls in one of her hands. Cupping them she stroked them with her fingers as I built up the velocity to the killing speed.

Quite a night with quite a lady. I walked her home afterwards like a good fellow should and as I made my way wearily back to my own college I remember taking a detour and wandered back down to the riverbank where the evening's entertainment had just taken place. Standing alone with only the moon to light the scene I lit a cigarette and then on impulse I pulled out my cock and had a nice long piss in the river.

And reflected that life really didn't get much sweeter.

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