Thursday, 3 June 2010

Spanking models wanted

Ladies: have you got what it takes to be a spanking model? A new project is about the lift off that will do to the current CP scene what Janus did to the old one 40 years ago: it will blow it away. The company behind the new project is Moonglow, the premier CP video producers in Britain. I have just been appointed as project director, and my first call is for girls!

I don't want to see the same tired old faces: still less the same well-walloped backsides. I want to give a chance for new girls to make their mark in the trade and earn a seriously large amount of money for doing it. Ideally I am looking to recruit ordinary girls who may have received ordinary spankings from their fathers, husbands or boyfriends in the past. Those spanking were to bring you back into line, but the ones that you will get now are for money - and believe me we will be paying very well indeed and in cold hard cash! Even if you have never had your backside warmed up you can still get in touch and we can take this further.

Please send a photo of yourself, along with some details of your age, height and dress size to me, Nick Urzdown at Interviews will be held in London, Birmingham or Lancaster depending on your location.


Abel1234 said...

Great to hear of a new initiative - sounds exciting, and it'll be great to see your movies when they come out.

One comment in your post jarred a little, though. It'd be excellent if you can entice some new talent into the video-producing pool - but describing the models who currently do spanking videos at "tired old faces" seems a tad insulting...

Uncle Nick said...

I only returned to the UK six months ago after 20 years abroad. In those days if a man bought a CP magazine or video the chances were that all the girls were fresh and unknown to him. Today the same faces crop up time and time again.

I want to get away from these girls, many of whom are prima donas, and since I am the editor that it exactly what the new project hopes to do!

Anonymous said...

This sounds good to me as I am old enough to remember the days when the girls changed regularly. What went wrong? I read the Pseuds Corner stuff that these girls come out with and I shake my head in amazement that any man could ever be interested in the ravings of some slapper.

To make matters worse, it seems as if the scene is almost controlled by these girls who like to mouth off about what they will and will not do. I have never seen such sauce!

If you can get away from all that and bring back the old days when the girls did as they were told much to the pleasure of the punters then that suits me down to the ground.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the commentator above and with Uncle Nick. I am also tired of seeing the same old faces and raddled old backsides and I want something new. If you can provide it then I will certainly be one of your punters.

Anonymous said...

Yet another anonymous commentator here, but I want to add my voice to the choir and say that it seems to me that the CP scene has been feminised to the extent that I have stopped participating in scene activities.

Let's be clear that it should be about a celebration of male control. It is nice if a girl enjoys the discipline, but not essential. What is essential is that afterwards she does as she is bloody well told.

Go along to a spanking party and it is as if the girls are giving the orders. Sorry, but that is not what it is about.

Uncle Nick said...

Thanks for the input, gentlemen, and all I can say is wait for the project to hit the street!

I am going to try to use ordinary girls - secretaries, shop workers and the like - pay them well and then upend them.

Don't worry about this project becoming feminised - the day I take more than a passing interest in a woman's superficial opinions is the day that I will die. My background is the trade, not the scene, so don't worry.

AnonyDave said...

I look forward to this new magazine, or whatever it is, becoming available. It seems good to me that the adults are back running things rather than the enthusiastic, and rather juvenile, amateurs.

Any new talent been in touch?

Uncle Nick said...

I have spent the whole weekend getting in touch with some very decent talent indeed, and not just British, either. I am in touch with a Czech outfit and the girls that they have on their books have to be seen to be believed.

As far as girls are concerned you can forget the scene slappers. I am going for tasty tottie and have the budget to hire pretty much anything in skirts that takes my eye.

The adults are very much in charge around here!

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