Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Spanking Interviews: Jane

Have you ever seen a real spanking being administered, given one yourself, or been on the receiving end of one? If so, will you share the account with the rest of us? All you have to do is e-mail the story to me at and if I like it then I will publish it here.

Jane (50) lives in Nottingham and we have known each other for about a decade. This is her account of the first adult spanking that she ever received:

I was 20 in 1980 and my then boyfriend was 38. It was late spring and I was wearing a pink suit that had a skirt that came to just above my knee and a jacket with three-quarter length sleeves.

I was spanked because I walked out on him during a row; we had argued about my friends, people he disapproved of, and he said that I was supposed to be saving up for our marriage. Although I did see them quite a bit, I only went out with them once a week on Friday nights, and I was usually home at my parents by just after midnight.

After the row I went round to his house and found him there alone. He was sitting in a chair and he beckoned me with his index finger to go towards him. I had a sort of rough idea that he was going to do something, but I wasn't sure what it was. You need to remember that I had never been spanked, so I didn't know what was going to happen.

Somehow I found myself over his knee, with my hands touching the floor, not kicking at all. He put his hand over my waist to secure it and gave me twelve smacks over my skirt. My knickers were left in place, they didn't come down. I just closed my eyes and took the smacks. If I had struggled he would have got very angry and I would have had a worse spanking, so thought it better to just lie still and get it over with.

I felt thoroughly humiliated and didn't deserve to be across his knee. When the spanking was over I was let up and I began to cry. I really felt that I hadn't deserved it. He comforted me and we soon made up.

That was my first ever spanking.

Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed, Jane.

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