Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Authentic Punishment Photos: Janice

Allow me to introduce you to Janice, or rather to her bare and freshly corrected buttocks in a photo that was taken just a few days ago.

Janice, as you can see, has just received a damned fine hairbrush tanning on her lower cheeks just at the point where she sits down.

The nice thing about this photo is that we are assured by Janice's husband who sent the photo in that the owner of these well smacked buttocks is actually over 60! That's right - she has a bus pass which we hope is of a different colour to her bottom.

It only goes to show that a female is never too old to feel the cold breeze as her knickers are taken down for a damned fine tanning that leaves her wincing in pain and mortified with humiliation.

The husband assures me that he will ensure that Janice sees the photo here on the web. If he does, we hope that she can be persuaded to drop us a line and tell us how she feels about seeing her bare, freshly spanked bottom on display before thousands of visitors.

 If you have a photo of a freshly disciplined female and you feel that it would be good for her soul to have it presented here then please send it along to strictuncle@gmail.com.


Sophie said...

If I was Janice...and I'm considerably younger than her...I would never want to go outdoors again because I would think...I know unreasonably...that everyone I passed would be thinking or saying 'There's that 60 odd yr-old woman who got her bare bottom spanked and then shown on the internet.' Poor you, Janice, I do sympathise with you.

Margaret Allan said...

Like Sophie I have every sympathy with poor Janice. I can only imagine how utterly mortified I would be if my hubby we're to show me a photo on the internet which was immediately recognisable as my bottom! But not only my bottom: my bare bottom! And not only my bare bottom: my soundly spanked and reddened bottom! Hugs and kisses Janice.

Anonymous said...

All this sympathy for Janice with hugs and kisses is uncalled for I think. It seems clear to me that Janice is a very naughty senior citizen who fully deserved the spanking she got from her no doubt long suffering husband. What a good idea it is for strict uncle to offer a place where naughty girls' freshly spanked arses (of all ages)can be put on display for all to see. I'm delighted that the first in what I hope will be a long line of chastised wives and girlfriends is a mature lady with well-stocked cheeks undoubtedly designed by nature to be spanked!

The concept that Janice and all who follow her will recognise their own arses and be thoroughly embarrassed that the said arses are on full display to thousands is so simple and yet so effective!!

Sophie said...

It's true, Aristotle, that there are two parts to a spanking for any woman: she will have a sore bottom and her dignity will be upset. SU is now adding a third part: the woman's pain and humiliation are being made known AND being shown through the photo to scores, hundreds, thousands of people! I'm just glad that I'm not one such woman but I do feel bound to show sympathy and understanding to women like Janice who have to endure such a public display!

Anonymous said...

I can help but wonder if a friend, neighbor or even a relative of Janice might recognize the mature well spanked bottom posted here. Lol


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