Monday, 12 August 2013

Whatever Happened to the Blushes Girls?

Does anybody remember these two little darlings? A chap who does has written to me asking for information about their careers, so here is what little I know:

They shot to fame in the early 1980s with What Bottoms Are For, and an edited version of that video with all the padding removed can be downloaded at the link.

They then went on to make School Reports, and the section featuring them can be found as Two For The Cane at this link. The original video featured the wonderful Anne Proto and that guy who always leered at the camera as he is known in the scene.

As I understand it the girls began their careers in the spanking parties of the day and by an amazing coincidence there seems to be a clip of them performing before a live audience in Spanking Party 2 which you can get by following the link. I say seems to be as the smaller girl is almost certainly the Blushes model, but I am not sure about her taller companion:

The problem with these girls is that they appear on the scene, shoot to stardom, and then just seem to wander off in a trance and are never heard from again. I reckon that the Blushes Girls could make a nice little earner going around the munches selling signed photos of themselves from back in the day.

If anybody has any more information about them please leave a comment in the box. There is at least one guy in England who wants to know!

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Anonymous said...

These 2 models were great in the few films they did. I thought School Reports was one of the best domestic discipline type films ever. The bigger girl really knows how to react and cry out like a naughty girl would during a caning. The older man playing the uncle gives a convincing portrayal of an angry disciplinarian with a no nonsense approach to punishment. I too always wondered what became of ALL the stars in the school reports series.

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