Monday, 12 November 2012

Double baggers are useful after all!

The Law of Unintended Consequences has come up trumps for me right now. At the end of last month I had a blazing row with a lump of lard in a pub. That's her pictured on the right in the photo, and  trust me when I say that you don't want to see the face. Anyway, after the verbals ended I wrote about the incident that night as it gave me an easy posting. A few days later I realised that my clips' site sales were going through the roof and checking my statporn I saw that it had become wankable indeed. Hard though it is to believe but the argument had led directly to a healthy bank balance.

I don't normally read the various fora where the argument is being misrepresented, but following an e-mail from someone who does I went a-searching and was delighted by what I found. In a nutshell various types are trying to curry favour with the creature that I had the altercation with, obviously in the hope that by slagging me off they might gain access to her in some way. Yes, I know, the thought revolts me as much as it would any normal fellow, but these men are a bit sad to put it mildly.

The point is that some of these dickheads are seeking to make their case by sticking up links to that earlier posting of mine. What they don't realise that there is no such thing as bad publicity and for every precious soul who clucks like a lobotomised hen at the blog there are any number of others who read the threads on these fora, click idly on a link because they find the whole discussion tedious in the extreme, and land on this blog. Then they go off and buy one of my trouser tightening, cock throbbing, early 1980s spanko porn vids!

The end result of all this is that I was able to take Raven out to dinner on Saturday night, and then to lunch at a very nice three starred Michelin eatery on Sunday all courtesy of dickless dwarfism. I hope that the weekend was as profitable and enjoyable for the dwarfs who are acting as my unpaid advertising agency, but suspect that it wasn't. Never mind, as I hear that they are planning a remake of Deliverance and if the company needs some authentic extras I know a few genuine inbred retards who would be perfect:


Anonymous said...

That photo really is the bird in the pub? Fat slag seems to sum it all up rather nicely. Jesus, just look at the sagging arse on it.

Uncle Nick said...

Naah, just a photo from the web, but it does illustrate what I had in front of me. Dog rough doesn't come anywhere near describing the reality of that revolting bag of blubber.

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