Monday, 8 October 2012

Order of the Burning Buttocks: Kate Middleton, Again!

What are we to say about Kate Middleton? When she is not flashing the old upskirt for our perving pleasure she is strutting around naked at some French holiday resort or other.

Consider these photos as a case in point. Above she is shamelessly showing her knickers as she climbs out of a car, allowing us a rather nice pussy glimpse it must be said.

On the left as she walks with Baldin' Billy she allows her skirt to float up in the breeze, thus giving us a shot of rather nice yellow panties

This is a terrible way to behave and we at Uncle Nick's College for Wayward Young Ladies have no hesitation in awarding her a damned fine Order of the Burning Buttocks, well laid on!

Come here, young lady: you know that you deserve this!


anagrammist said...

Apropos of nothing in particular, but regarding the adorable Kate Middleton: I am a long-time fan of English cryptic crosswords and it occurred to me the other day that Kate Middleton is an anagram of Naked Tit Model.

Just thought I'd mention it ;) !

Uncle Nick said...


Anonymous said...

Just to record my enthusiastic support for another yet OBB for Kate! Is hers the most decorated bottom in these pages?


Uncle Nick said...

No, because Pippa far outshines her in the posting stakes. That said, I can well understand why the media pay a fortune for shots of these two because just about anything that runs will get a massive readership. I only have to post my take on whatever photo is kicking around for my stat porn to becomes wankable, very, very wankable.


Anonymous said...

How about a Birching on the Horse

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