Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Kate Middleton's Bare Bottom Photos

The Kate Middleton bare bottom shots are starting to come out thanks to Se Og Hoer, a Danish magazine. No, I don't know how you pronounce that either, and I suspect that you sneeze it.

Why cares? Thanks to the Danes for giving us a shot of a very smackable bottom indeed, and who will be the first to let us see the full frontal view?


Anonymous said...

Undoubtedly time to award Kate another OBB, methinks!


Anonymous said...

A right royal thrashing - it would be good to see dozens of welts across it

Anonymous said...

She's a very naughty little princess. I think William ought to take her home and punish her for not wearing panties. And I've got just the perfect punishment in mind... >:-)

Of course, like many Royals she seems a bit thick, so I hope that she doesn't learn her lesson after just one spanking because I really like seeing her bottom in public!

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