Thursday, 2 August 2012

Weekending: Naughty Secretary 4

The caption looks wrong to this 1950s cartoon, with the guy saying "I've spanked many a secretary, but your're the first one to cry for more," especially when he is pointing to his knee as if to order her to take up the traditional position across it. More likely this cartoon has been run before with the original caption reading "you're the first one to cry before the spanking," which would be more logical and funnier.

Still, it's a nice scene, with the humour reliant on the fact that whilst not all secretaries got spanked, enough did to make the cartoon credible.

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sixofthebest said...

Uncle Nick, on another important subject matter. How about those naughty Olympic Badmington women, from South Korea, China, and Indonesia, who were caught cheating, and throwing their respective games, be corporally punished, in public. By having their knicker's taken down, and given a good caning, on their bare bottoms.

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