Thursday, 23 August 2012

New Book: Good Times With Girls

My latest book, Good Times With Girls, is now in the final pre-production stage and should be out as an e-book in September, with the paperback following in October or November.

I get on well with the good time girls of this world and this book details my entanglements with eight of these little darlings. My preference has always been for the cold-eyed, tight-skirted little slapper on the make, and there are plenty of them in the book. Bless them, they bet their juicy pussies against my wallet and ended up nursing sore backsides as well as stretched pussies.

Another type of minger on the make will be found within these pages - the girl who has some crisis or other and who thinks that opening her legs for an entire city will make her desirable or something. Don't ask me to explain the female mind as all I care about is her body, and not her motivations, but I'll introduce you to a couple of this type inside the book.

So stick around, please, and you'll get more information just as soon as I have it!

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