Monday, 9 July 2012

The times they are a-changing

Those of you who read last Thursday's posting will know that I had a few little difficulties with a mouthy secretary over at Xcite Books who thought that her opinions counted for something with me. If you read that post then you may even have glanced at the comments' box where I mentioned to a fellow that the porn writers now have the whip hand, and that the merchants had better get with the programme or risk being cut out of the deals altogether.

To understand why we need to take a trip down Memory Lane together. Back in the day the porn merchants who owned the magazines would pay us for product as we were cheaper than models and photographers. The problem was that there were not enough magazines so the fuckers could still pick and choose, which meant that most writers were only part-time hacks. Then came the internet and what work there was dried up as everyone and his brother started writing porno and posting it to the web.

This year was when everything changed and our time finally came around. Everybody and his brother got a Kindle for Christmas and started downloading porn to it. Immediately, any number of publishers got in on the act, and started hawking their wares, and then lights began to go on as people realised that there were not enough writers to go around. Then, to make matters worse, many a writer started using Kindle software to self publish his epic and then punting it directly to the people, cutting out the porno publishing houses altogether. You can feel their pain, can't you?

Well, I can't, because I can't stop laughing, but you take my point, I'm sure. This being the case, do you think that somebody should whisper into a few of the brighter porn merchants' ears and tell them that alienating writers, which is what Xcite did to me, is not really a good idea?

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