Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Thoughts on a spanking man

Almost a decade after everyone else I discovered yesterday that Mick Jagger is a spanking man. I really must pay more attention to celebrity news, I suppose, but life is just too short.

It does leave me puzzled about one thing: all those characters I meet who tell me how dominant they are and then it turns out that their wives know nothing about it. I mean, when a chap gets a girlfriend and she does something female and silly he obviously tells her that the next time that she acts up like that her backside will burn. She has the choice of ending things there and then or running the risk of getting a roast rump, but by definition she cannot progress to becoming a wife without knowing that her husband is a solid type of chap who takes no nonsense, can she?

I wonder what the answer is? Perish the thought that these fellows are fantasising....

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