Monday, 30 July 2012

Order of the Burning Buttocks: Kristen Stewart

What can we say about the latest Hollywood scandal, which saw Kristen Stewart polishing the knob of director Rupert Sanders, whilst boyfriend Robert Pattinson was left pulling his pud?

It could, of course, all be a publicity stunt, or the luscious Miss Stewart could have been caught with her knickers momentarily down, something which can happen to any girl, I suppose.

Alternatively, it could be that little Kristen felt trapped in her affair with Robert and instead of doing the sensible thing, which would be to talk about her fears, she did the stupid female thing which was to create a massive scandal so that the matter would be taken out of her hands.

Whatever the reason, her is one naughty little girl who needs to feel the weight of a ahrd, make hand across her soft feminine bottom.

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