Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Marina, Part Six

I clicked my fingers to get her attention and then indicated with my thumb that she should climb into bed. As she got up I pulled the bedclothes back and quickly stripped myself naked. Marina for her part stood at the side of the bed, still with her head down, her hands still clutching her well-chastised bottom underneath her skirt. It was quite a delightful sight to see, and had my cock not started to drool in anticipation of the second act of the performance to come then I am sure that I would have been willing to spend time admiring the view. As it was I gripped my hammer firmly so that the head became even more bulbous and potent than it was already, and without a word Marina dropped to her knees, and took my weapon in her hand.

Marina looked straight into my face as she worked my cock in her hand, gauging my reactions to the way she worked the muscle, moving the foreskin over the cockhead, squeezing the meat firmly, before pulling the skin down to free the head and starting the procedure all over again. Her lips were pursed in concentration as she listened to the noises that I was making as she pumped my cock harder and faster.

I lay back on the bed and Marina took the opportunity to grab the hairclip that had somehow come loose and tie her hair out of the way of her face with it. Then she leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth, went down about half way along the shaft and sucked it firmly as she pulled her head slowly back at the same time. I threw back my head and groaned heavily at the heavenly sensation.

Marina’s fingers began to play around my balls, as she took the weight of them in her hand like a good girl should. I could feel them stirring and decided that now was a good time to strip Marina down so that I could ride her home.

“Let me take off your clothes,” I said, pushed her gently backwards.

“I want to carry on sucking you,” she said, softly.

“I’m going to have you – I can’t wait to have you,” was my reply.

“Will you take me doggie-style? You know I like that when I feel like this,” she said.

I knew what she meant. Marina spanked is Marina gentle and obedient. She likes to please me so that I tell her that she is a good girl, but she also likes to feel that she is remaining under my control. Bending her forward and taking her from the rear allows her to enjoy that sensation of being taken and that there is nothing that she can do to stop the fucking from happening.

Quickly I stripped her naked and ran a finger inside her body. She was as wet and ready as I knew she would be. I laughed at that and Marina pouted at me because she knew why I was laughing. Such is that way things are between two people who have been going at it on and off like a dog with his bitch for many a long year.

Without a word Marina climbed onto the bed, grabbed some pillows to put under her stomach and then lay down upon them. She opened her legs at once and I climbed between her invitingly open thighs. As I did that she reached down underneath herself to take my eager cock in her hand and guide it into the opening of her body.

Marina groaned heavily as my cock slid into her body. I pushed it in slowly, ever so slowly, until it would go in no further and then I clenched the muscles to make it swell inside marina’s body. I heard her gasp as she she took the full weight of the cock inside her.

Then I gave her a good solid fucking of the type that I enjoy giving and which Marina certainly loved receiving back in the old days. The strokes were not too fast, but they were powerful as each thrust plunged as deeply into her helpless body as it was possible to go.

I looked down at her well smacked rear end that seemed to glow with the fire that was still raging within it. I groaned out loud as the delightful sight and as she heard the sound Marina wriggled her hips as my cock plunged into her gaping pussy again and again.

“You spanked me very hard today. My bottom’s on fire,” she panted as I continued to fuck her.

“You asked for it, you bad little bitch,” I replied between clenched teeth as I felt my balls begin to move under the pressure of the molten lava that was now swirling around inside them.

“Yes, I did. I know I did. I am sorry. I deserved to be spanked, didn’t I?”

“Are you going to be good in future or do I have to put you across my knee again?”

“I’ll be good. I promise. I know that you’ll spank me if I’m not,” she whimpered, as the speed of my cock thrusts increased dramatically.

“Damn right I will. I’ll have your knickers down just like I did today, and I don’t care how old you are. When you misbehave you get your backside blistered with me,” I told her.

“I know that. I know that’s what happens. Yes, I do,” she said, as the speed of my thrusts increased to the killing velocity.

I tried to hold back I really did. The problem was that Marina’s tight, welcoming wet pussy held me in its grip and drove me close to the edge. The sight of her bottom as it glistened in the rays of the sun as they shone thought the hotel room’s window had the effect of pushing me right to the brink, but what really drove me over the edge was talk like that. Try as I might I could not hold back the surging tide as it began to bubble up out of my balls.

Marina heard my cries and began to pump her hips up and down which had the effect of pumping the cock oil out of my system whether I liked it or not. With a great roar I grabbed hold of Marina’s hips and pumped my come into her body with all the force that I could muster. I sensed the hot tide shoot out of my cock and lap over her waiting cervix as I shot myself within her.

We collapsed next to each other, Marina’s buttocks resting just a fraction of an inch away from my stomach. Even in that exhausted state she was not going to allow anything to touch her freshly chastised bottom and I cannot say that I blame her. It had been quite a spanking.

“I have to go,” I heard her say, drowsily.

She began to explain what she had to do but I switched off at that point. Marina went off to shower and I lay contentedly on the bed. All in all it had been quite a tiring day and I felt that I deserved a nice rest.

Marina and I spoke several times on the telephone over the following days, but it was not until the 10th January 2012 if you want to be exact, that I thought to ask her how long it had taken her bottom to stop stinging from the spanking?

"Four days! I could feel it for four days!" The Moose was clearly in a moaning mood, so I let her ramble on, secure in the knowledge that here was a well spanked young woman who would clearly remember what had been done to her bottom for a long time to come, and would think twice about wishing to see the event repeated.

Although with Marina, as with all other women, of whatever type, that is far from certain.

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