Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Lauren, Part Five

As we left the restaurant, I began to ponder exactly what I was going to do with Lauren. I am not a cruel man and I would no more lift my hand to an undeserving female than I would smack the snout of of a disobedient dog, as we decent fellows just do not behave like that. I began to conclude that the best thing would be just to spend a pleasant afternoon slipping her a length of cock, send her on her way with a pat to the rear and then wander of to a cantina for a snifter or three.

"That belt of yours sure looks thick and hard," Lauren said, apropos nothing at all. Clearly she had read my mind and decided that  punishments came before pokes, or something.

"It has served its purpose for many a long year. Come to think of it, I have had it for about thirty years, so it has certainly done its job down the decades," I told her glibly.

"Have you used it on many girls?"

"I don't keep a record of the times that I have tenderised a rump with it. Let me think, yeah, I have used it a few times," I said, as I hailed a cab and ushered Lauren into it.

"What did you say? Tell me again what you said," Lauren asked, with a sudden urgency in her voice.

"Eh? Well, I said that I have used my belt to thrash a few backsides in its time," I told her as the taxi lurched through the traffic on its way the the hotel that I had chosen.

"No, that's not what you said. Give me the exact words, please."

"I said that I had tenderised a few rumps, or something," I replied.

"That's what my dad used to say to us. Sort of, anyways. He would say that he was gonna tenderise a rump steak as he was taking his belt off. He always used to say that, just before he told me to lie down on the bed. He would pull that big old belt out of its loops and tell me that he was gonna tenderise my rump steak for me," she said in a liquid voice far gone in reverie.

"What would your daddy say if he knew that you had got yourself all tattooed up and were down here in Mexico?" Trust me when I say that I can lay on the guilt with a trowel if the need arises.

"He would tell me how bad I was and how he was gonna tenderise my rump steak for me," Lauren said, quietly.

"That is exactly what I am going to do to you as well," I promised her as the taxi pulled into the hotel's forecourt.

To be continued.


Anonymous said...

You are such a tease.... Write just enough so that we've GOT to come back.. This one, well.... all tattoed up? Let me ask you this, is there one type of women you won't spank.. Like a prissy or nasty woman, or can you just spank it out of them?


Uncle Nick said...

Women have a choice with me, they can either fuck or they can fuck off. If they choose the former then when they misbehave then they get their bottoms smacked. If they do not want to be spanked, then they can fuck off.

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