Monday, 5 December 2011

What's the best way to spank?

Do I have a favourite spanking position to recommend? That was the question asked of me by an American correspondent, and I must confess that it set me thinking. He went on to ask if I used the cane a lot, and for a moment the seeming switch from spanking to caning puzzled me. Then I remembered that what Americans call spanking is actually corporal punishment, so I replied that I tend to avoid the cane.

I understand why some men like it, as the sight of a nubile female, bent over submissively with her skirts around her waist and her panties down to knee level, is a gladdening one to behold. The fact that the girl has obeyed the order to take up the traditional posture of submission says a lot about the man who gave her that order, but and for all that, I still dislike the cane.

It isn’t the aesthetics that I object to, rather it is the pragmatic awareness that a girl can stand up at will, and thus ruin the whole effect. She submits because she wishes to, in effect, and it is that small element of power which needs to be stripped from her along with her dignity, panties and ability to sit down in comfort for a while.

A good spanking is usually administered across the knee, but there are also other positions that can be adopted. One that I find effective is to bend the recalcitrant one over the back of a sofa or easy chair. The waist can then be encircled with the left arm to hold the kicking, squealing little madam in place, and her skirts can be lifted and panties lowered. The spanking may then proceed with no danger of the girl being able to rise until such time as her chastiser decides that she has been punished enough.

Leading on from that I once spanked a girl along a country path with the help of a rail fence. The top of the fence was only about four feet off the ground, so it was the work of a moment to lift the girl up and literally dump her over the top rail. I can remember yanking her panties down to below her knees and the way that she lay, quite submissively across the rail with not a murmur of protest. I could even remove my belt, which I then used to remind her of her place, and during the whole of the discipline, she did not make a sound, nor did she move. I asked the girl afterwards to explain what had gone through her mind and she replied that a feeling of utter helplessness had swept over her and made it impossible for her to even think of moving.

All that aside, why change what is the most time honoured and effective means of putting a girl in her place, namely a good, bare-bottomed, over the knee spanking? Think about it for a moment. By laying the girl face down over your knee you can immediately lock her no doubt scissoring legs down by putting one of your thighs over both of hers. You can then hold her body in position and at the same time tuck one of her arms behind her back and grab the other one in your free hand. The skirt can then be lifted and the panties lowered, and all the while there is nothing that the badly behaved young madam can do other than spit and howl in helpless frustration. She is in position for the correction that you have awarded to her and will remain there until you allow her to rise.

Practical considerations aside, the effect that such discipline has on the female mind cannot be forgotten. One women told me that a traditional spanking left her feeling like “a little girl,” and knowing that fact alone should be almost worth its weight in gold to any normal man.

By putting your girl across your knee you can not only correct her misbehaviour, but you can also alter her perception of herself. A few moments earlier, she would have thought of herself as a grown woman, but you have taken that away from her and left her feeling like the naughty child that she is. She will sleep on her stomach that night and probably cry herself to sleep. More importantly, though, is the knowledge that deep inside her soul she will accept that she had been naughty and naughty little girls get sent to bed with a spanking.

Only a traditional spanking can do that to a women and that is why I unhesitatingly recommend it to all good men who have difficult women who need to be kept in line. Without doubt, it is the only spanking position that works almost without fail every time.

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sixofthebest said...

On this particular occasion Strict Uncle, I must disagree with you. Although I like your blog, I must differ with you on the what sexually turns me on spanking a woman. Because for me the satisfaction of CANING a woman on her naked rear end, is for me the ultimate delight. Especially when she is wearing suspender-belt and stockings, after I pull down her old-fashioned bloomers.

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