Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Pippa's Posterior Bare?

Is this really Pippa Middleton, admiring her own pert posterior in that dress? The photo plopped into my in-box this morning with an assurance that it is.

Dear old Uncle Nick has his doubts, but the fuck it principle applies at times that this. So settle back and put your doubts to one side as you stroke one off, all courtesy of your favourite blog.


Anonymous said...

Looks like another fake by the satirical photographer,Alison Jackson,to me......very good though!

Wouldn't it be lovely if Pippa ended up marrying some debauched aristocrat for his money and title only to find out that he is a sadistic pervert who insists on birching her cute little tush on a regular basis ?

btw, great blog you have here Mr Urzdown !

May I suggest you award an O.B.B . to Lisa Snowdon : her succulently upholstered buttocks cry out for leathering with a Lochgelly tawse

Also the Essex slut Lauren Goodger.

Best Regards,

Mr Swish

Uncle Nick said...

I suspect that you are right, but we live in hopes, don't we?

Lisa and Lauren... Never heard of either of 'em, but lemme dig around and see what they have done to merit such an award.

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