Monday, 24 October 2011

Sean Connery: spanking man!

I was chatting to Raven about Sean Connery a while back and she reported that he makes her knees go weak. I wonder how she feels about him now that it has emerged that he is a spanking man?

It is interesting that Barbara Walters who carried out this interview some years ago clearly tried to embarrass Connery with the question and failed quite spectacularly in that aim. Something which she implicitly admits at the end when she points out just how long Sir Sean and Lady Connery have been married.


Raven Red said...

Uncle Nick, he can spank me ANYDAY. With that voice telling me that he is going to spank me? OMG....SIGH

AboutSpankings said...

Awesome find! Wish Sean would have expanded a bit more on what he meant by a "slap"... but it seemed obvious to us.

~Todd and Suzy

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