Monday, 17 October 2011

Order of the Burning Buttocks: Yulia Tymoshenko

At the suggestion of a correspondent, an Order of the Burning Buttocks is hereby awarded to Yulia Tymoshenko, of Ukraine. Alas the award cannot be administered for at least seven years because that's how long the lady has been sentenced to prison on corruption charges. However, when she gets out, then here is one large Slav rump that needs to sting.

Normally I don't bother about the lands beyond the Oder-Niesse Line that are known collectively as the Great Slav Wasteland, but there is something about Yulia that makes me want to break my rule.

Maybe it is the ludicrous hairstyle - a fake, by the way - or the sense of arrogant entitlement that the bloody woman had until her recent downfall. Whatever the reason, the only thing that remains to be said is:


sixofthebest said...

Yes Uncle Nick, instead of putting this Ukrainian beauty into prison, I would spank her each day on her bare bottom. Be it with my hand, paddle, hairbrush, birchrod, cane, or whip. I would enjoy raising her dress, taking down her bloomers, and upon her naked rear end, apply these spanking implements, with gusto.

Anonymous said...

I would love to be given the task of chastising Yulia's ample, bare, naughty backside for as long as it takes for her to pay the price for her mistakes and to make sure that she doesn't make the same or similar mistakes in the future. Although she is clearly a tough lady, like all ladies she will respond positively to a sore bottom!

Demarcation said...

Miss Tymoshenko has indeed been a very naughty lady and is deserving of severe punishment.

My suggestion

Yulia's broad slavic buttocks should be subject to a regime of prolonged and gruelling caning, perhaps 30 hard strokes Morning, Afternoon and Evening every day for a week, with additional strokes for infraction's of the prison rules or not displaying a sufficiently humble demeanour.

For the second week the regime would be identical but punishment would be administered with a five tailed tawse, 30 strokes Morning, Afternoon and Evening.

Contrition would be shown by the extensive use of all three of Yulia's 'warm receptacles'.

Should this regime not break her insouciant attitude to the nations finances the punishment would be doubled to 30 strokes of both Cane and Strap at each punishment.

If Further discipline were required her broad back and shoulders would be acquainted with the Cat of Nine Tails, after which it would merely be a question of Strokes and Time both of which are on the side of her 'corrector's'.

Is it just me or would she make a damned fine ponygirl.

Greg Edwards said...

There can be few things in this life more exhilarating than that of using the flat of ones own hand to soundly thrash the bouncing bare bottom of a grown woman who is clearly guilty of grievous offense.

And nothing more satisfying than watching the same she devil kick and holler and shriek and scream from a lengthy administration of the same.

It is truly unfortunate that the Ukrainian authorities elected to lock this wicked beauty away for seven long years when such an infinitely more appropriate, to say nothing of delicious, alternative cried out to anyone with the sense to implement it.

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