Tuesday, 11 October 2011

More Thoughts on Stupidity

Last night's posting led to some interesting responses,  with a fellow from Newcastle writing in to say:
I read your blog; so its not just me who comes across girls like that !!!!!!! I was told by one that she did not want to betray him... Funny that she was naked and very wet but that is not betraying him..... My finger don't count as a sign of betrayal?
A London reader wrote in to say:
I have stopped meeting girls through Facebook. They either do not turn up or they come out with nonsense like this...
Another man wrote in to offer his congratulations, so that makes three private comments to one posting, which is a record of some kind for the blog. Quite why none of them left their remarks in the comment box is unclear, but all of them insisted that if I did post their words then I should not identify them by name.

It is nice that a post strikes a chord, and it does appear as if my experiences are common across the board. To a certain extent that is understandable: women are a manipulative bunch and they get juicy at the thought of forcing men to bend to their wills. The question is why are so many of them getting away with this game? Surely if a submissive woman runs into a dominant man, then he should be calling the shots? 

Sorry, but I am blaming the fellows here. Far too many of you are doing nothing more than role playing and you may be very, very good when you adopt your headmaster's persona, but it is nothing more than an act and the women can see right though it, so of course they can take you for a ride. You deserve it.

Far better to stop playing games, remember what your balls are for, and then stop taking shit.


Ben said...

Women love being CTs. It gives them a great sense of power. However, "you didn't wear that dress because you wanted me to look at your shoes?" So don't pretend to be shocked or outraged if I look at your tits. Men really need to retake control. For the past thirty years men have become frightened to behave like, well, men. I'm pleased Nick that you stood up for what you wanted and didn't compromise.

Uncle Nick said...

Indeed they do, Ben. And when they win their little power trip they lose all interest in the man, so pandering to them serves no purpose at all.

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