Thursday, 14 July 2011

Women in Uniform

There is something very proper about Russia that fellows such as ourselves must approve of wholeheartedly. Maybe it is the females in uniform, led by a man, naturally, that earns our admiration? Or could it be the saucy smirks that we see on several female faces, especially the cheeky young madam on the end of the third row? 

Let's face it: there is something about women in uniform that just makes a man want to bring 'em to heel.

1 comment:

sixofthebest said...

Maybe this Russian commander, is marching these naughty ladies to the 'woodshed', in order for him to have a 'spanking good time'. For me it would be a pleasure to give everyone of these naughty uniformed ladies, 'six of the best', with the cane, on their bare bottoms. Would'nt you agree?.

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