Monday, 18 July 2011

A Spanking Good Life: Provisional Publication date

An e-mail plopped into my in-box yesterday from my publisher to say that I can expect a proof copy of my memoirs, A Spanking Good Life, should arrive soon after the 1st September. Say what you like about the Americans, but they don't hang around. Alas, the same cannot be said of their British competitors, most of whom seem to belong on the amateur hour. Once the work is in print then I will post more on those dickless dwarves, but for the moment let me just pause and thank my lucky stars that Nazca Plains Corporation liked my manuscript and agreed to publish it.

I should also give thanks to Raven Red who had sung the praises of American houses from the very beginning. I was determined to go down the British road and when the house that I was in discussion with pulled out of the deal she redoubled her efforts to get me to see things her way, and it seems to have come up trumps.

Some of you will have read the draft chapters of this little epic here on the blog, and in late autumn the work should be available as a paperback.

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