Sunday, 17 July 2011

Alejandro Fernández and unas Nalgadas

Back in December 2009 when I had other things on my mind like recovering my health, Alejandro Fernández released a catchy little ditty called unas Nalgadas, which translates into English as a Spanking. Needless to say, Mexico's small feminist gang used this song to gain some cheap publicity for their cause, but Mexico being what it is nobody took the blindest bit of notice of them and just carried on bopping to Alejandro's spanking song.

The lyrics tell of a man who aims to spank his girlfriend for her extra-curricular shagging proclivities. Not only that, but he plans to do it with some pencas de nopal, the spines of the nopal plant pictured on the left. However, as Alejandro points out in the song, the spine will be rasurado or shaved, first. Well, we wouldn't want to see the girl's bottom scratched, now would we?

The chorus is a real toe-tapper, what with the line that "you may not miss my kisses, but you sure will miss my money." Was it not ever thus with bloody women?

Enjoy the video, even if you do not speak Spanish. Make sure you check out the dance at the 1.15 mark and listen to the squeals from the girls in the audience. You just know that the panties were moistening at that moment...

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Chev said...

The nopal is not just any plant. It is a cactus which is also used as an ingredient in Tequila (which is brewed from a cousin of the nopal known as the membrino cactus.

Thanks for sharing a truly international view of corporal punishment. Mexican men are known for their "roughness" (so called) with their women. In truth, most of my relatives across the border are upstanding citizens; men of integrity whom you would never guess spanked their wives and girlfriends (and some of the married ones have both).

BTW, my nick is French but I'm a Latino. Born and raised in Arizona with family on both sides of the border.

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