Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Rachel's Second Spanking Interview


I interviewed Rachel at the end of May and the recording proved quite popular so I asked Rachel if she would do another. Quite a few people expressed their doubts about her so I put those questions to Rachel herself and let her answer in her own words. The interview then went on to discuss the spankings that she received from her parents, and all in all I think that we have a worthy second spanking interview for your listening pleasure.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

Just found your blog and I think it is excellent and a lot of what you say I agree with.

I have just listened to Rachel’s two interviews and they are very interesting. But I think we need a third interview to learn more.

If I was Rachel I would have asked her friend more about her father’s spankings. For instance I would like to hear more about Rachel’s friend and if spankings were still fairly regular from her father at that time. If her friend mentioned about any further spankings from her father.

Rachel is 26 and the interview took place when she was 17 ie. 9 years before. In 2002.
Her own parents stopped spanking her when she was 14. Has Rachel been spanked at any time since then? By a boyfriend for instance.

I am a bit older than Rachel, aged 49. But my 2 younger sisters (one 2 years younger and one 4 years) were spanked regularly by my father growing up right until they left home. Mostly in their rooms with him sitting on the side of the bed. And I remember a similar incident when she was actually 18 and she had a friend staying over and they were making too much noise. But my father only spanked my sister (in front of her friend and knickers down) but just warned her friend that if they didn’t quiet down she wouldn’t be allowed to stay again if they didn’t quieten down. I heard it all from my room next door.

I have been interested in spanking from an early age and have many spanking memories of my own.



Uncle Nick said...

I am sorry that your comment got caught by the spam trap, but any comment on a post that is over two weeks old goes into moderation. It is just to stop the spammers.

I have not spoken to Rachel for a long time so I do not have an answer to your questions.

Any chance of your sisters being interviewed? Drop me a line if you wish and we cna chat some more.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

Thank you for replying so quickly.

I wish it was possible to interview either my sisters. Both are now married the eldest has a daughter and the youngest two sons.

The memory was about the older one. But I wouldn’t like to approach either to ask as it would mean I would have tell them I visited Spanking websites. Not that there is anything wrong with your website.



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