Friday, 13 May 2011

Order of the Burning Buttocks: A Brummie Painter

We don't know the name of the girl who decided to go all artistic on her boyfriend's car, but we sincerely hope that she is still eating her meals standing up and sleeping on her tummy. If ever an hysterical little madam needed taking in hand it is this one.What had the poor, long-suffering fellow done, anyway, other than presumably comment on Pippa Middleton's luscious bottom? 

The photo was grabbed in Birmingham on Wednesday and the hunt is now on for the car's owner and his hopefully tearful girlfriend.

In the meantime this blog awards an Order of the Burning Buttocks to the unknown artist:


Raven Red said...

Uncle Nick?

Sorry, but GOOD for her. This Pippa Posterior syndrome does have, what goes up must come down eventually. Wonder if he still thinks about Pippa's bottom that much?

Aristotle said...

Good choice for another member of the OBB. BUT now I think there must be another nominnee for the Order because Jane Fonda's bottom ( covered in a tight white dress) is being touted as a credible rival to Pippa's famous bum.......what do people think?


Uncle Nick said...

Great minds do think alike and I was planning to run the Jane and Pippa photos side by side, but then Blogger went haywire on everyone. Never fear, the photos are here, and will run next week.

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