Monday, 2 May 2011

Is Pippa's Posterior a Fake?

Pippa's posterior owes more to her dressmaker than Mother Nature, it is being claimed after photos appeared of her rump which seem to show it flat and hardly worth a smack.

So what do you think, folks? The photo on the left seems to show a run of the mill rump that is hardly worth a second glance, especially when compared to the pornographic display that we can see above.

What could account for the differences to Pippa's posterior? 


Aristotle said...

I really do not believe that Pippa's posterior is a fake. I have found that jeans...unless they are absolutely skin-tight......frequently do not do justice to the girl's bottom they cover. And when the said girl wears a dress or skirt...and also heels instead of flat find that she has a very pert and smackable bum.

I would still vote for Pippa's posterior!


Uncle Nick said...

Trust me: I hope for the best on this one but fear the worst!

Bonnie said...

Hi Uncle Nick,

I think there is a very reasonable explanation for what you observe in both pictures. Pippa is a slender girl. When shot in profile, as in the second photo, there is not much bottom to be seen.

However, Pippa is also blessed with a healthy set of womanly hips, as clearly visible in the first photograph. Because her hips are edge-on in the profile shot, they are not conspicuous.

So there you have it. Mystery solved.

With warm regards,

OldFashionGirl said...

Butts almost always look better with a snug fitting dress on then jeans. xoxo

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