Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Cinema Spankings: Una Bala Marcada

In this 1972 Spanish horse opera, Peter Lee Lawrence plays a gunslinger who has been hired to go up against a town's despotic ruler. Obviously he and Maria Pia Conte's character know each other, hence the animosity between them. I have edited the spanking clip down to remove a section where he and  Maria each tell the shopkeeper to serve the other first as it seemed tedious.

Eventually Peter asks for a box of .45 cartridges, whereupon Maria whispers something in the shopkeeper's ear. He then announces that he does not have that calibre in stock, so Peter walks behind the counter and grabs a box of .45 shells. He asks the girl if she would care to explain what is going on and she steps backwards telling him not to touch her. Peter replies that she is spoiled and not to be treated as a woman, but as a naughty little girl, and proceeds to spank her.

Just when the correction has become interesting, an old man walks in and tells Peter to stop, to which our hero replies that he is only teaching a chit to behave herself. The order is repeated and Maria is allowed to rise. She then tells her rescuer that the only reason why Peter is in the town is because he does not have the courage to go up against the bad guy himself.

The clip ends with Peter saying that he does not understand why the man intervened and the fellow replies, in effect, that it is not Peter's concern.

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Anonymous said...

pretty little girl spanked.

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