Monday, 25 April 2011

Order of the Burning Buttocks: Carole Middleton

The latest Order of the Burning Buttocks goes to Carole Middleton, mother of Kate Middleton, Prince William's bride to be. Described as "pushy, rather twee and incredibly middle class" by a Buckingham Palace insider, this charmer manages to embarrass and irritate in equal measure - consider the way that she dumped the couturier who had spent four months on her wedding clothes just weeks before the big day if you want an example of Old Mother Middleton's style, or lack of it.

The problem with this frankly rather nasty female is that she comes from a long line of equally nasty social climbing creatures. Her maternal grandmother was known as the duchess owing to her airs and graces in the Durham pit village where she lived at the end of the Second World War, and Carole's mother, Dorothy, loathed it if anyone ever called her Dot.

So what do we have? A woman who is laughed at by both the working class who recognise a jumped up member of their own and an upper class that can spot a social climber a mile away.


sixofthebest said...

I would certainly take down Carole Middleton's knickers, an apply 12 of the best strokes of the cane on her naked rear end. Then take both her naughty daughter's, Kate and Pippa's bloomers off, and give their tender bare bottoms, the same painful justice. Would'nt you Uncle Nick.

Anonymous said...

I would double Carole's a minimum !!!

Anonymous said...

How I would love to spank Kate and Pippa's bare bottoms whilst their mother watched, knowing that she was going to receive the same treatment. And what a joy it would be to finally upend Carole, pull her knickers down and redden her mature bare bottom in front of Kate and Pippa. What an embarrassing experience for this social-climbing mum!


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