Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Law of Unintended Consequences

Raven Red told me a story last year which for some reason has been preying on my mind for the last couple of days. I'll tell it to you and hope that someone can come up with the reason why the events she outlined keep on playing over and over again in my mind.

A relative of Raven's divorced her husband and was given custody of their daughter by the court. The woman then remarried and the girl who was about 16 at the time began to do the usual thing that 16 year old girls do these days, namely stay out all night getting fucked left, right and centre. Eventually in exasperation the mother told her husband to take the girl in hand and he did, with knickers down for a spanking that lasted an eternity. Then, the following day, when the girl started screaming that she was leaving he threatened her with a paddle and when she said she was going to the police he reminded her that he was a cop and that there is one law for him and another for her. It was at that point that rationality kicked in and the girl enlisted her father's help and within a day or so she had gone to live with him, which is what should have happened in the first place.

The problem here was a lack of legitimacy. The man was not the girl's father and had no moral right over her at all. Neither was he her husband or lover in which case by continuing her relationship with him she would be consenting to being under his hand when needed. This looks to me like some thuggish cop getting his jollies off with a nubile girl and nothing more. Luckily she managed to get out from under him and has not spoken to him since leaving the mother's house. Now, about five years later, mother and daughter speak to one another I believe, but I doubt if relations are really what they should be. Hence the Law of Unintended Consequences, with a mother who tried to bring her daughter to heel and ended up almost losing her instead.

Now then, why is this story in my mind so much these past few days? I hadn't thought about it at all since Raven first related it to me almost a year ago.

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

because he was dirty old man, but u r not dirty old man.

Uncle Nick said...

Given what I do to earn money... I don't know what to say, really. Does your dad know how lucky he is to have you as his daughter?

Uncle Nick said...

Insomnia has me in its grip, so I will come back and ask you this question:

Given that I am a pornographer, given also that this blog is about making sure that bottoms are smacked before their owners are bedded, why do you think that I am not a dirty old man? Many people would disagree.

By the way, will you please at least invent a name for yourself, or do you want me to do it for you? If I do you had better use it.

Anonymous said...

my opinion.... as far as i am concerned, we all have needs, and they all like to be met...urs as well as ours. is all about the mutual satisfaction. the perv and kink is just all part of the fun.
the dirty old men are the ones that prey on the unsuspecting, and carry out criminal acts with no regard for their victim.
we r not victims, not if we wannit, cus we need it too. but we just gotta make it look like we

Uncle Nick said...

Yes, very well put. Preying on the weak as that man did under the guise of being her surrogate father was loathsome.

We still don't have a name for you. I am thinking about calling you Lilith. She was Adam's first wife, before Eve was created, and she was mouthy and insolent, just like you.

Raven Red said...

Uncle Nick

I hope that she is not a follower of Supernatural (American TV Series). Lilith was actually quite a bad girl...

For the record though, the circumstances around the spanking was more than only the staying out, the boys - it was about the use of drugs, the disregard of her own safety (in a country that is rife with HIV and high in teenage pregancies)

It is about a man that in his daily work deals with the results of it, of girls throwing their lives away because they refuse to acknowledge that certain lifestyles are not acceptable to people that care about them.

It is also interesting that in yesterday's paper, South Africa has the first legal case in its kind:
Married woman, 21 years old was issued with a legal judgement by the High Court to present herself to a drug rehabiliation centre for a period of 7 months. Her husband has been barred from seeing her, until her treatment has been concluded. (Both of them are addicts)

The person who lodged the request?
Her father. (A Policeman and Forensic specialist)

Love and care for a child does not stop when they think they are to old for it - it is always there.

Uncle Nick said...

Sure, but the post was actually about unintended consequences. The aim I am sure was to bring the girl to heel, but the effect was to lose her probably forever. Maybe if her father had been brought in from the start it would never have got to that stage? I suspect that you can blame the mother for that.

Anonymous said...

i aint getting into the whole child/parent/discipline thing, cept to say that kids like rules and boundaries, they for pushing.
neither am i getting into the whole theology of creation and stuff, cept that lilith was not a nice person. she killed little tiny babies, and i have to be loyal to at least one little baby.
pick a new name please? thanks, xXx

sixofthebest said...

Would'nt it have been appropriate for the law courts to have said to both the mother, and daughter, to solve this family problem, we recommend that both of you females, should be sentenced to corporal punishment. Such as 'six of the best' with a cane given to the daughter, and 'twelve of the best', given to the mother, for bringing up such a naughty daughter.

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