Saturday, 23 April 2011

Hidden Camera Spankings: The First Girl

People, I cannot in all honestly decide if these clips are genuine or not.  My gut instinct is that they are fake, but enough people that I know and trust tell me that they were made in about 1981 for his own pleasure by the man doing the spanking. He then went on to make spanking videos and at some point after a shoot had been wrapped up he mentioned, probably in the pub, that he had these videos of two girls that he had disciplined at work. The rest is history as they say.

It's a lovely story that I want to be true, but even if the videos are fakes then the spankings are still worth watching, especially this one. The girl wriggles deliciously as her panties are taken down and struggles helplessly to avoid the hard male palm as is cracks across her defenceless buttocks to leave them a fiery red.

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