Monday, 31 January 2011

Like mother, like daughter, part one

I suppose that even for a libertine like me having a mother and daughter combination,  with me spanking the mother whilst the daughter snorted coke and then fucking the pair of them takes some doing, and many people over the years have told me that this little history is a fantasy. Actually it really happened, but as with many of the crazier things that have taken place in my life, it could only have happened in Mexico.

In December 1994 the Mexican peso fell through the floor, to be quickly followed by what looked like the whole economy. Credit dried up overnight, debts were called in, and foreclosure became the order of the day as everyone scrambled to salvage what they could from the wreckage. For someone like me who had never trusted the peso and had a stash of dollars handy it was a fun time to be around - certainly my penis was a happy and very busy fellow. You might say that I was rocking around the cock as it were...

One man who was most certainly not rocking was Pedro Perez, as I shall call him. Pedro was tall for a Mexican at about 5' 9" but other than that he was fairly typical dark-skinned wheeler and dealer who looked like he had a lavatory brush glued to his top lip. He had made his way up from the provincial chancer that he still was at heart thanks to various dodgy government deals and now his company looked set to follow everything else down the toilet. Pedro was resigned to a life back in small town Mexico, living on a diet of beans and tortillas which is what he had grown up with.

How our paths crossed is fairly straightforward. Pedro knew me slightly as the Englishman who sold the spanking videos to either wealthy Mexicans or to equally loaded British expatriates, many of whom were bankers. Pedro needed a loan to save his neck and all doors were closed, so desperation drove him to set up a meeting with me. His idea was that I would call my friends and tell therm how upright and honourable Pedro was and one of them would then lend him the money. Told you he was desperate, didn't I?

Pedro arrived at our lunch meeting in a nice, but not over expensive bar, with a rather blousy woman of about forty at his heel. She was the usual reddish-brown, black-haired, wide hipped female such as Mexico churns out by the million. Needless to say I assumed that he had picked up a tart  and looked around for the other one, since bringing one trollop to ease the flow of discussions made no sense at all. Seeing nobody else I opened my mouth to ask where the other tart was just as Pedro took me by the hand, assured me of his gratitude at my agreeing to meet him at such short notice, and could he introduce  his wife, Maria Guadalupe, or Lupita to her chums?

So we sat down and I listened to Pedro's ideas. My role in Pedro's grand scheme was obviously going to be pretty minimal since all he wanted me to do was call people and introduce him. Once he had got his foot in the door my job was done. To be honest as the afternoon wore on I felt my irritation grow, Pedro was in no position to offer me very much since he was on his beam end financially. None of the respectable bankers would want to be seen dead in public with me, so what was I getting out of this other than a free lunch and plenty of booze which by that time I had already had?

Pedro had come prepared for this and with a smile he began to expand on a new theme, that of Lupita and her charms. As he sat back and elaborated on how great she was I realised that my fee was to be an afternoon in bed with the woman. I threw back my head and roared with laughter  at the cheek of the man and then I looked at Lupita and saw the look of utter fury in her face and I slapped my thighs in glee.

Pedro got up to go to the lavatory, giving me a conspiratorial wink as he did so. I looked  again at Lupita  and considered her for a moment. There is really only one thing worse than an old slapper gone to fat and that is a fat old slapper who has had a dose of respectability and can feel it slipping away from her. In spite of her nice clothes and expensive perfume it was obvious that whilst you can take the bar girl out of the bar you can never really take the bar out of girl. Lupita was basically some trollop who had hooked her claws into Pedro years before and was now furious at having to go back to her old trade.

I have never forced any woman to do anything that she really didn't want to do, but I do enjoy  situations like this where a trollop has to spread her thighs because all the other options facing her are even worse than polishing a knob. Grinning all over my face at her discomfort I leaned over and whispered in her ear  that we would make the sweetest music together and was rewarded by flashing eyes and a face black with anger at her situation.

"Alternatively," I told her in Spanish, "I could just take my belt to you."

Lupita did not reply but I could tell from the look on her face that our time together was going to be long and memorable.

To be continued.


sixofthebest said...

Uncle Nick, you have a gift for writing spanking stories, I am awaiting your next chapter on that voluptous mature Mexican woman called Lupita. I am sure it will be a 'walloping' good story on her naked rear end. As for my selection of famous celebrities, that I would love to spank, here is a partial list. Sarah Palin, Helen Mirren, Sophia Loren, Katie Couric, and Natalie Portman.

Raven Red said...


NO!!! Why do you want to spank Helen Mirren? I LIKE Helen Mirren, she does not deserve a warm bottom.

Well, that is my humble opinion...


(the word verification is unsub??)
Seems like a warning ;)

sixofthebest said...

I have always liked to spank mature women. These women seem to believe that they are to old to be so humilated, by being given a good bottom warming on their bare bottoms. Besides, I believe that Helen Mirren would be the perfect person to play the part of Madame Orsini, in "Roots of Heaven", who was given a most humiliating spanking on the bare bottom, while a group of her friends watched. Also one of the first movie clips, that I saw on Uncle Nicks blog, was this same movie. And at that time Uncle Nick, seemed to agree with me.

Uncle Nick said...

This is not a story exactly, rather a memoir: it really happened!

Mature women: yes, I agree with the line that a female is never too old to go OTK. The humiliation aspect is also heightened with an older woman.

sixofthebest said...

I believe humiliation of a naughty woman is one of the most important part of any corporal punishment. Especially if she is a mature one. Verbal humiliatiom. Standing her in a corner, before and after being spanked. Her dress raised while standing in the corner displaying her knickers. Corner time after a spanking showing her displaying her spanked bare bottom. Having witnessess see her being corporally punished may also increase her humiliation.

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