Wednesday, 19 January 2011

How to lose weight

Rather less of Raven Red than exists at the moment is due to return to the UK in July, and to ensure that her diet proceeds apace the good lady must weigh herself every Monday. A report is then sent to a rather decent fellow who, purely in the interests of Raven's health, then orders her to report for correction should her weight not have fallen by the agreed amount.

As you can see from this photo she made little or no attempt to lose weight last week with the result that her backside was blistered thoroughly. However, this week she has almost made her target weight loss and is almost safe from the paddle.

Almost, but not quite. 300 grams may not sound like much but it is enough to ensure that there will be a lowering of the panties and a reddening of the bottom once again.

1 comment:

Raven Red said...


Point of correction dearest Uncle Nick. (of course, all respectfully submitted..erm...well, yes..)

Last week I missed my target by 300grams as well. I think there is a conspiracy between my scale and Mr Sparkles...

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