Friday, 3 December 2010


Blogging is going to be light until the middle of January as I will be in Mexico until then. I will do my best to produce a couple of updates a week, so stay tuned.

In the meantime Raven Red has produced her take on the well earned caning that I gave her the other day, so please take a trip over to her place and read her make a drama out of the few light taps that did little more than tickle her bottom.


Raven Red said...

Make a drama??
Ahem...I have photographic evidence!!
Okay, granted, you were the photographer, but still, evidence none the less
Oh, and pardon the pun.


Anonymous said...

Even I,an objective bystander, can see that it was more than a "few light taps", Nick! I'd be so in for it if you think Raven acted dramatically. (I don't think you'd take well to me hopping all about in a flurry of cuss words.)

Have a great trip to Mexico! Safe travels.



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