Thursday, 17 June 2010

Visiting some blogs

Let's have a look at some of the spanking blogs that have taken my eye over recent days.

If you have not visited Spanking Stuff 4 Free then you are not really trying. The blog's owner has a habit of uploading all sorts of free goodies, including any number of videos. Just get over there and see what's on offer today.

Uncle Peter's Spanking Stories is a good place to visit if you want to read scans of old spanking stories from years gone by. British Spanking Mags used to be the same, but Dmitry, the owner, decided that Uncle Peter was nicking his scans for his own blog. Since neither Dmitry nor Uncle Peter have any rights to these stories I just hope that the matter blows over, but until it does Dmitry seems to have put his blog into mothballs. That said there is still a lot of stuff that has been previously posted so make sure you take a trip down memory lane by visiting both sites.


Anonymous said...

I follow Cammie's blog and list it on my roll, but I can't seem to download the stuff she offers. I know she's posted directions. I'll have to make time and work on it some day.
Nice of her to offer the stuff.

Uncle Nick said...

She has posted some more instructions. Basically if you want a rar file that is in sections then you have to download each part before you can unzip it. The failure to do this is causing people problems, but it is not rocket science.

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