Monday, 14 June 2010

Real life spanking in the Follies-Bergere

Her real name was Lydia de Lipski, but she danced in the Follies Bergere under the name of Lydia Lova. In either December 1959 or early 1960 poor Lydia was picked up by one Lionel Lesage and bent over his knee for a dose of correction as applied to the traditional seat of learning.

Lydia (36) was a heroine of the French Resistance and the French government awarded her the L├ęgion d'honneur. Unfortunately she couldn't stop talking about it, causing Lionel to admit in court: "I picked her up and spanked her during a party at the Follies-Bergere canteen because I was sick of hearing her talk about her medal."

Alas we do not have a date for her spanking since the only press cutting available is undated, but Time Magazine reported that she was awarded the medal during the first week in December. Thus the chances are that the party that Lionel referred to was probably to celebrate Christmas 1959.

Lionel was fined the equivalent of £36.00 for a spanking that left Lydia with a large bruise on her bottom and meant that she was unable to appear nude on stage for three days.

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