Tuesday, 8 June 2010

An office spanking

Have you ever seen a real spanking being administered, given one yourself, or been on the receiving end of one? If so, will you share the account with the rest of us? All you have to do is e-mail the story to me at strictuncle.gmail.com and if I like it then I will publish it here.

The following account is from Starman:

It was just over a decade ago and I was on the telephone in my office at the telesales agency that I owned, when the lady applying for the job of supervisor was shown in. My mouth fell open as she sat down without waiting to be invited. She had red hair and wore a very smart dark green business suit, with a skirt that rode a good six inches above her knee as she crossed her legs. I mumbled a quick goodbye into the phone. It turned out that she was 35, married to an army captain and the mother of two teenage children; she also had a figure that reminded me of Liz Hurley. Of course I gave her the job...

For the next nine months I fantasised about putting this sexy woman across my knee. I'm sure she dressed to tease and tantalise us men in the office. One day it was red leather trousers, another a short tan leather skirt, yet another day saw her in white cotton trousers where if the light was just right I could make out her very brief white panties. And then through the winter I had to struggle through glimpses of her in knee-length pencil skirts and black tights. Or were they stockings? And all the time that magnificent cleavage on display. I don't think I ever got much work done. And how her husband could possibly be away from her on manoeveres I have no idea. And she was so confident around the office. I'm sure she thought she could get away with anything around the office. Just putting her hands on the front of my desk and leaning forward was enough to give me palpitations and she knew it. But of course, suggestions of "going for a drink" were met with a swift rebuttal.

Anyway, one day it all changed. One of our projects involved calling a client's list of prospect companies to check that the contact details such as names, addresses, etc, were correct. One day my client called to say that he had made random checks on the list we'd sent back and some of the contacts had left or died years before. The assumption was that we'd not made the calls.I was furious with my supervisor and told her what had happened, which was that he had cancelled our contract. I also told her to ring her husband because she was going to be late. She told me he was away and anyway, she was going to a function that night. That she was changing at work and then was going out.

I was livid the rest of the day and about 6 o'clock, after all the staff had gone she came into my office having changed. Fighting back the lump both in my throat, and one somewhere else, I ordered her to sit down. She was wearing a light green cocktail dress, slashed almost to the middle of her thigh. And tiny straps struggling to hold her breasts in. Of course she was apologetic but I said that wasn't good enough, she'd lost us a major contract and I was going to dismiss her. But she pleaded with me to keep her job and hinted that perhaps there might be another way. Maybe go for a meal, her husband was away, etc.

But I was made of sterner stuff and I read her the riot-act for a good ten minutes. By now she looked like she was going to burst into tears. I said, "I don't know about going for a meal but you've been really stupid and I reckon I should put you over my knee for this. I reckon it's long overdue."

"I bet you would", she replied. "But I'm a married woman. I've got 2 kids for goodness sake"

"Up to you," I replied. "You either get the sack or we deal with it this way and I will have to swallow the loss"

"So I don't have a choice then," she replied. I told her that she didn't and that it would have to be on the bare.

More protesting but pretty soon this gorgeous woman was across my knee. Her cocktail dress up (oh and she did wear black stockings and suspender belt) and skimpiest of red knickers. Not sure whose benefit they were for but I'm sure it wasn't for me. Anyway they were soon around her knees. Obviously, I wasn't stupid and gave her about a dozen really hard smacks which left her crying more in humiliation than pain.

Very satisfying as I'm sure anyone who has ever spanked another man's wife will testify!

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sixofthebest said...

Uncle Nick, I wish I was a fly on your office wall, and would have envied you when you bent this naughty women over your knee, and raised her dress up, pulled down her knicker's, and spanked that sweet but naughty bare bottom of hers.

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