Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Introducing Vida Garman

Gorgeous, isn't she just? Vida Garman is her name and she was a Page Three model who had a thing about discipline and was a big star 25 years ago. She vanished off to Europe to make hardcore flicks, but anyone over the age of 40 who has an interest in spanking should remember her.

I have spent the day with Vida and other girls just like her. The years have gone by for me and are taking their toll on my body, but once I have cleaned up the old tapes there the little lovelies are, all ready to please another generation of spanko-fans.

Vida starred in quite a few videos and the one that I have in my store is fairly typical of her work. Just click on the photo to go and meet her.

1 comment:

sixofthebest said...

The Vida Garman caning in the Naval Officer video, was pure joy to see. Yes, the caning swishes were hard, and I am sure she felt this pliable stinging spanking implement most painfully when it descended on her bare bottom> My only regret was that she did not wear suspender-belt and stockings, which I believe were military regulations that in those days.

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