Sunday, 4 April 2010

A spanking good life

Welcome to the blog, the aim of which is pretty straightforward: to write about my life as a disciplinarian, and hopefully to make a few bob in the process. The first time that I placed a recalcitrant female across my knee was in 1970 so when I look back on a spanking good life I have several decades of memories to relate. Check back tomorrow and every Monday for an update on that.

Not only that but I was for many years a writer of spanking fiction and later I appeared in several CP epics. So if you have always wanted to know what goes on inside the trade, stick around and I will tell all in my Wednesday features.

Finally, I have links to Moonglow, probably the finest spanking video producers in operation today. I have been given access to their entire catalogue and basically told to help myself, so the video clips that I am creating and will then upload are going to thrill and delight you. Staying on the subject of movies, I will finish off each week by uploading a spanking scene from a mainstream film: and I don't mean the tired old clips that we have all seen a thousand times before. I have been digging in the vaults and I have clips that most enthusiasts have probably not seen.

Who am I? I am an Englishman who was born when Anthony Eden was Prime Minister. I lived in Puebla, Mexico, for about five years where I taught English, before returning to the UK in 2000. I now earn a living as a base and puissant scribbler.

As a child growing up in the England of the 1960s I was surrounded by spanking images. Parents routinely bent their offspring over before slapping their bottoms cherry red, pupils were slippered and caned at school, young women felt their boyfriends' hands on their bottoms when they did something silly - physical correction was regarded as normal.

The television of the day reflected this attitude. Programmes such as the Saint or Bonanza regularly featured a spanking scene and nobody thought that the scenes were in any way out of the ordinary or that the hero should not have spanked the girl. Her behaviour warranted it, that was the view, just as it was the view of the men who in real life had cause to put a woman across their knees: they deserved it. Women also accepted that when they misbehaved they were going to be taken in hand and they understood that this was a part of the correct ordering of society that allowed such things to happen. It is a world that exists today whenever I close my eyes and think back to times that are gone.

Memories... Nostalgia... None of them are what they were in my day...

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