Friday, 9 April 2010

Cinema Spankings: Santo Contra El Cerebro Diabolico

Cinema spankings. . . Don't worry, as I am not going to present you with clips from McLintock yet again. What I am going to do is to use my contacts in the trade to get spanking scenes from mainstream films that you have probably never seen before.

Today's offering is from Santo Contra el Cerebro Diabolico, which translates as the Saint Versus the Evil Brain. This 1950s Mexican film has a well-reared heroine as you can see from the opening sequence. The hero is forced to rescue her from the villains, whereupon madam asks him the obvious and faintly idiotic question: "Are you angry with me?"

When she doesn't get a reply, she asks him to forgive her and still getting no reply she then stamps her foot and utters the immortal line: "Smack me if you want!"

So he does!

That's all for this week folks. I hope that you have enjoyed your first week with Uncle Nick and please return for more of the same on Monday.

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